Pa Dutch Travel - Learn about the Amish - Come to Lancaster Pennsylvania Dutch country with us!

We are here to be your Pa Dutch travel guide, and show you some of the best that the Lancaster Pennsylvania Dutch country has to offer. There is no better place to get your information then from the locals themselves. We are going to show you the best of Lancaster County and the Dutch country region through our eyes. We want you to be just as excited about where we live as we are. There is so much to do and see in Lancaster county and the Dutch country region.

One of the things that most people don't know, even some of the locals themselves, is the Dutch country is actually a region in Pennsylvania made up of ten counties. You can read a little about those too in our website. But our main focus on this site is mostly going to be the Lancaster Pennsylvania Dutch area. We will also share a little about all those small towns in Lancaster that everybody asks us about, like Paradise, and Bird-In-Hand.

We love the traditions and culture of the area we live. We will share

with you about the Amish culture and religion. We also will teach you about what it means to be Pennsylvania Dutch, and the history of this plain and simple way of life.

It's great to be able to experience the wonderful bounty that this region produces. And knowing every time I go through the market and buy farm fresh goods, I am helping to sustain a way of life that has been around for centuries. The Pa Dutch travel guide will show you all the wonderful things made here by our locals. There are many places to go to buy wonderful crafts, Amish quilts, and Amish furniture. We will also show you all the great places to shop like the factory outlets which we are famous for.

We will share our experiences with the restaurants in the area. There are so many different places to eat. There is Pennsylvania Dutch dining, breweries, diners, and more.

Not only will we show you how the Pennsylvania Dutch live, but we will also take you through a journey to experience the more adventurous side of Lancaster county. The theme parks and other attractions, that keep things lively around here.

Need a place to stay? Well, the Pa Dutch travel guide has that covered too. We will share with you all the best bed and breakfast places to stay, hotels, motels, and working farms that you can stay on.

Please stop back often, as the Pa Dutch travel guide will be updated often. We look forward to sharing what makes the Lancaster Pennsylvania Dutch area so special.

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