Adams County Winery

Adams County Winery is one of my favorite wineries in PA Dutch Country. They have been in business for over 35 years. The winery is the longest continuously operating bank barn winery in the US. I have been here many times and have loved every visit.  On this occasion, I had a bachelorette day with one of my closest friends and her family. Both of us love wine, so I thought she may enjoy a tour of Adams County Winery since we were going to be in Gettysburg. So, we headed out on a cool day in April.

We started the tour which began at the beautiful mural of the winery which is painted in the barn. We then moved into where the wine is made in the operations area. Our guide gave us a detailed account of how the wine process works. After we learned all about wine making, we then had cheese and crackers, and got to sample a couple different wines. We sampled one wine at two different temperatures. What a difference it made in the taste. You would have thought it was two completely different wines. I know wines have different temperatures they are to be served at. But, I never really had the experience of having the same wine at both temperatures at the same time. So, if they tell you a wine should be chilled or it should be closer to room temperature, take their advice. It makes a big difference.

We then headed out into the gift shop where we were able to taste a couple more wines and received a discount on any wines we wanted to purchase that day, since we had taken the tour. The gift shop area is stocked full of all kinds of wine related items that make great souvenirs or gifts for you friends.

So, what wines should you get you ask? Well, as far as white wines go they sell a lot of the Tears of Gettysburg. It s a double gold medal winner. In the red wines, I personally like the Three Ships to the Wind. In the fruit specialty wine category I never leave without a bottle of the Scrapple. I am after all a PA Dutch girl . The Scrapple is good chilled in the summer and in the fall-time I like to have mine mulled. I hope that helps you a little. Just make sure, you make your reservations in advance for your tour.