Amish Wedding Ceremony in Lancaster Pa Dutch Country

Amish weddings are held in the fall after the harvest has come in. The weddings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the summer time hundreds of extra stalks of celery are planted in the brides garden, in preparation for the wedding celebration.

The bride wears a blue dress with a black cap, The shade of the blue dress can vary, and sometimes they will use purple. Over the dress will be a white apron. Then, that dress becomes the dress she wears to church, which she makes herself. She also makes the attendants dresses. The groom is dressed in a black suit, with a white shirt, black hat, and bow tie.

The ceremony is performed by the minister and is often long. The single women sit on the brides side, and the single men sit on the grooms side.

After the wedding ceremony the celebration begins and everyone enjoys a great meal. Things that are typically served are roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed celery, cheese, bologna, cakes and pies.

Amish couples do not go on a honeymoon. They spend the night in the brides home so that they can help clean up the mess from the night before. Then the couple spends the next several months staying over at families houses where they receive practical gifts, such as, canned foods, quilts, cookware.

The Amish married couple then lives with the brides parents till spring when they can get their house together and begin their new life together.

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