The Artist's Inn and Gallery - Rated one of the Best Undiscovered Romantic Inns of PA

The Artist's Inn

The Artist's Inn and Gallery is a great bed and breakfast for a getaway. It is located in the quaint town of Terre Hill, PA in Lancaster County.

My family and I went to visit the Artist's Inn and Gallery a little while back and let me tell you it was a lot of fun. First of all, as soon as we pulled up to the breakfast there was one of the owners Bruce to help take our luggage to our room. He took us up to the Garden suite. We then came downstairs and his charming wife Jan gave us a tour around the inn. The inn was festively decorated in beautiful autumn decor.

We got settled in and eventually went to bed so that we could be refreshed and ready to go for our day in Lancaster PA Dutch Country. It was so quiet and relaxing.  The only thing I heard as I was drifting off to sleep was the faint clip-clop of the horse's hooves as they pulled the buggies.

Garden Suite


We awoke to wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen. It was our breakfast being prepared by Jan. Jan has a passion for cooking which greatly shows in the four-course candlelight breakfasts she prepares. Her breakfasts even include chocolate sometimes, you can't get much more indulgent than that. She serves such things as chocolate kissed date puffs, Belgian pecan waffles, fresh peaches, and raspberries. You will be satisfied and ready to start your day with a skip in your step after one of her delicious breakfasts.

The Gallery

After breakfast is always a good time to visit the gallery. The gallery is full of Bruce's artwork and you can also find his books there, along with other little souvenirs to help you remember your time at the Artist's Inn. You must see his artwork, his pencil drawings are terrific. The things that inspire Bruce's drawings are scenes from everyday life.


Also, while you're there make sure you visit with the real owners of the Artist's Inn. But, please don't tell Jan and Bruce that they are not the real owners, it's a secret. See, the real owners are cats; they roam the inn inside and out to make sure the guests are happy. The cats let Jan and Bruce think that they own the place. But in reality I think Bruce and Jan have finally started to figure out they are not the real owners, because I mean come on the cats made Bruce write a book for them called "My Name Is On The Deed ... But The Cats Own The House". But even as much as the cats are loved at this wonderful place, all guest rooms are off limits to these furry little friends. Doesn't matter if you want them there or not the owners have a strict policy that the cats are not to be in the guest rooms. And really when it comes down to it, it is a good thing for people like me whose worst allergies are cats.  Since they are not allowed in I had no issues with my allergies or asthma while staying there.

The Suite

Our suite was very nice, it had a whirlpool tub in it. Oh, how my son loved that. I thought the man was going to turn into a prune he was in there so long. The guest room also has a shower with jets in it to massage your back.

I was so excited the one day when I had come back from a day of sightseeing and shopping to find a chocolate on my pillow. I love chocolate!  I went downstairs and got some hot tea to go with it, and a cookie. They have a wide tea selection available downstairs with hot water ready at all times. And Jan always has a jar of delicious cookies that she bakes fresh, available. So I sat out on the porch and enjoyed my cookie, chocolate, and tea. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day at the Artist's Inn.

Staying at the Artists Inn is like staying with your best friends. They go out of their way to make sure you are having a good time. In fact, many of their repeat guests have become friends. While we were staying there, I got to meet a couple that had come numerous times. They went out of their way to introduce themselves to us and also made us feel welcome. I really could go on all day about The Artist Inn, but I'll stop now before the page turns into a book.

We highly recommend the Artist's Inn and Gallery bed and breakfast to visitors of the PA Dutch Country region.

Contact Info

The Artist's Inn and Gallery is located at 117 East Main Street, Terre Hill, PA 17581. The Phone is Toll-free: (888) 999-4479 - (717) 445-0219 Their email address is The website is

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