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I decided my kitchen needed some help from the Good Cooking Store. The store had just opened up in and was in the midst of the grand opening. So, that's it I was off. I called my buddy Jill and said hey let's grab lunch and go visit the new cooking store.

The Good Cooking Store is located in The heart of PA Dutch Country, Lancaster County PA. It is in a small town called Intercourse. It is located right near Kitchen Kettle Village. There is plenty of free parking, not only for cars, but for horse and buggy as well.

The day I went Gretchen Christina Maser and staff were there from Christina Maser Pantry. They had tastings of soups and jams. I spent awhile talking to a delightful lady who eventually convinced me to try the raspberry pepper jam. Let me tell you, it was like trying to convince a mule to go when they don't want to. You see I am a very picky eater. And I had my mind made up a long time ago that any kind of pepper jam could not be good. It just seemed too strange to me, a hot pepper with sweet jam.

Well, after some poking and prodding from my friend and the assurance of the woman that if I did not like it, it would be okay. I at last ventured into the unknown. I popped it into my mouth, and it was like a taste explosion. I was in disbelief. Two things that I loved that I was sure didn't go together were the perfect complement to a cracker with cream cheese. It embarrassingly left me wanting more. And yes, I say embarrass cause having them trying to get me to taste it, was like trying to get a two year old to eat broccoli. So, I gathered what little pride I had left and purchased a jar. Why I only purchased one I am not sure, because I have big plans for this jam.

I grabbed my shopping basket with my jelly and turned around and lo and behold I saw kitchen heaven. Everything you could possiblywant in kitchen wares was in this store. I perused the many shelves and found all kinds of wonderful accessories, cookware, and kitchen gadgets. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted what I had been looking for, for awhile. A cow creamer. So, of course I had to pick him up. Beside him sat a cat, which I figured I would get as a gift for my mom. She loves cats and already has a cow creamer. But shh, don't tell her! She doesn't know yet.

Then I headed upstairs to see what other goodies awaited me in The Good Cooking Store. That is the area where they will be holding the cooking classes. I can't wait! It's also the area where they feature vintage crock-pots. Which I got a big kick out of, cause I own half of them and they are still in operation at my house.

Then back down the stairs I went and one last item I couldn't be without before I left was a cupcake holder. That's right one cupcake. Now you may thinking well that's silly why doesn't she just wrap the cupcake up and take it with her, why does she have to have a holder? Because, when I go out and I want to take a cupcake not twelve say for lunch or a picnic or something. I don't want my cupcake to look like it has been through a war zone. This way I can carry one cupcake without it getting smashed and me having to scrap half of it off the plastic wrap.

So whatever your kitchen cookware, gadgets and accessory needs are for your kitchen make sure to stop at The Goods Cooking Store.You won't regret it!

The Good Cooking Store is located at 3474 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse PA 17534

The Hours of Operation are:

Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Closed Sunday

The telephone is: 717-768-3032 or Toll-Free: 1-877-525-7745

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