Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn - Grand Smorgasbord

The day we went to the Hershey Farm Restaurant was a good one. We started off our day by stopping at the Pennsylvania Dutch Visitors Center. Then we headed over to Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn. The picture you see above is the fifteen foot Amish man that stands outside the restaurant and inn. He is currently there, but could move in the near future. He is actually featured in the book Weird Pennsylvania.

Then we went to pig out at the smorgasbord. I like the smorgasbord there, they have a lot of different foods. Although, I cannot say I am too fond of their chicken pot pie. I love Pa Dutch chicken Pot Pie and it doesn't taste like any I ever had. And I have had a lot of them. That is one thing when you are going to try Pa Dutch foods you may want to sample more then one. Sometimes it can differ from cook to cook, and if you don't like it, and that was your first taste of it, then you could be missing out on something great.

I had fried chicken which was delicious, corn, mashed potatoes, baked fish, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli. Below you can see a picture of my first plate. I also had beef stew and tried the chicken pot pie. For dessert I had Turkey Hill ice cream. Turkey Hill is a local dairy in Lancaster County. They have great ice tea and ice cream. I enjoyed the chicken, fish, corn, mashed potatoes, and ice cream the most.

Chase got the Apple Pie and Chocolate cake. Here he is enjoying the cake!

After we ate we visited the gift shops and then we went to the walking trail and burned off a few calories. The walking trail is nice, you walk past all the flowers and the waterfall. We stopped and took pictures at the waterfall. Then we continued on and went down to the pond and saw all the geese and ducks. You can see momma duck in the pond with her babies. They were adorable. There was also a chicken down there that Chase was trying to get a picture of. He was chasing this guy everywhere, it was hilarious. I finally snapped one of him.

After we saw all the ducks and geese we headed over to where the goats were. Chase took a picture of these little guys they were so cute and friendly.

We ended the walk at the sheep. They were hanging out under a shade tree. They were so adorable.

Chase and I really enjoyed our trip, in fact Chase took half the photos on this page. Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn is a great place to take the family. We definitely will be going back again.

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