Small Towns - Vist All the Charming Historic Towns in the Pa Dutch Country Region

Learn more about Pennsylvania historic towns. Come learn how the small towns full of hisory in PA were a big focus in the founding of America. These historic and small towns are well worth the time to take and visit. Let them capture your heart as they have captured mine. You'll find all kinds of interesting things to see and do in these historic towns.

Bird-In-Hand - Bird-In-hand is a village named after a hotel. It is located along route 340, a AAA designated cultural scenic byway in Lancaster county.

Columbia - In 1863 the Union army burnt the bridge to prevent General Robert E. Lee from bringing his troops across the river for the Civil War. Therefore he was ordered to withdraw and bring the troops to Gettysburg where one of the bloodiest battles in history was fought.

Elizabethtown - Or E-town as us locals refer to it, was a major trading post between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh back in the early days.

Ephrata - Home of the religous community known as the Cloister's. Ephrata hosts the largest street fair in PA, it takes place in September for five days.

Intercourse - Definitely a town with a unique name. There are many variations of how the town name came to be. And believe it or not none of them had to do with what is going on in your dirty little mind, so get it out of the gutter.

All of these small towns offer a lot to visitors and are steeped in history. Their offerings include cool cafes, neat boutiques, antiques shops, farmers markets, restaurants, parks and unique attractions. So visit a small town today in Pennsylvania and see the wonderful charm they offer.

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