Intercourse Pa the Town Made Famous by its Unique Name

Intercourse Pa is a quaint little historic town to visit. It is located in Lancaster County. It has lots of little shops, restaurants, gallerys, museums, and tours. Take in the sights by going on a buggy ride, or enjoy the local flavor by visiting a Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant.

So I know your probably wondering how in the world the town got a name like that. Previously it had been named Cross Keys after an old tavern that use to be there. Later the town name was changed. There are a few different variations of how the town of Intercourse, PA got its name. One is that the intersection of 772 and 340 was called an intercourse (intersection).

The second is that there use to be a racetrack east of town and the long stretch of road that led up to it was called Entercourse.
And the third theory is that the term intercourse use to be what they called everyday social interaction.

But whatever the reason it is a great place to spend the day and enjoy the local Pennsylvania Dutch shops and restaurants.

Also on a side note part of the movie Witness with Harrison Ford was filmed here.

Listed below are a few things that may be of interest to you when you visit Intercourse PA.

The Amish Experience F/X Theater - A good way to experience a Multimedia production about the Old Order Amish. The address is 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340), Intercourse, PA 17505 The Phone is (717) 768-3600, Ext. 210

Best Western Intercourse Village and Inn - They have cool beamed ceilings, great rates and lots of amenities. The address is 9 Queen Road, Intercourse, PA 17534. The phone is 717-768-3636 or Toll-free: 800-717-6202.

*Located Next to the Inn is Best Western's full-service restaurant.

The Old Candle Barn - They hand dip and hand pour all their candles the old-fashioned way. They have about 500 scents to choose from. You can also go and tour the factory when it is open.

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