The Outhouse - A Fun House with Pranks & Jokes

The Outhouse is No longer Open

*The Outhouse is No longer in Business*

The Outhouse, home of the man-eating chicken. We had just finished up at Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn and I had decided to take Chase over there to check it out, he had never been there before. That store is like a big fun house. There are all kinds of neat little pranks and jokes there. In fact, we accidentally walked in on a women using the outdoor facilities.

She let us know about it too. Then we strolled through the aisles looking at all kinds of things. They have everything under the sun. They have gourmet snacks and teas, soaps and lotions, apparel, homemade fudge,novelty items, toys, weather vanes, cupolas, and chairs. There are two floors loaded with stuff. And a prank or joke around every corner. Some are free and some you have to pay a quarter to see. Chase's favorite spot is the novelty items, he likes the pranks. They have every kind of prank you could imagine, they have a exhaust whistle that you can put in your friend's tail pipe and every time they step on the gas it makes a shrill noise. They have candy that is sweet on the outside but tastes like garlic on the inside and even candy that turns your victims mouths blue. Chase is always looking for a good joke or prank to play on a friend or family member. Below you can see the snake in the can of mints and the squirting coin he bought.

My favorite prank is the Airzooka. It can shoot a blast of air up to twenty feet away. I remember the first time I came here the staff got me with that. It was quite comical. I was standing there looking at some stuff and felt someone touch me in the back; I turned around and there was no one there. Then from across the room I caught one of the employees holding it. She told me about it, and I watched her get someone else. Hilarious!

Well before I leave this page to go off to my next adventure Chase wanted to make sure I showed you the picture he took of the largest pair of underwear in Lancaster county. They have this lovely, hanging up outside the store, near the door.

The Outhouse - Largest Underwear Dealer in PA

So when you need a good prank or want a day of laughs, make a stop here. And don't forget they also have plenty of items for the more serious people in your family.

The Address is 2853 Lincoln Highway East Ronks, Pa 17572 Phone:(717) 687-9580 Toll Free:(800) 346-7678


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