Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Lancaster, the Amish, - What Makes Them so Appealing?

Learn all about the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch Country through these blogs. Feel the passion these people have for these topics, as I do. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of Joe, and take a journey.

The Amish Cook Want to read about Amish in the news? Looking for some good Amish recipes? Well then look no further. The Amish cook is a column that is featured in various newspapers throughout the country. The column is written by an Old Order Amish woman who took it over when her mother passed away. So if your going to read about the Amish, what better person to read it from, then from the Amish themselves.

Pennsylvania Portal Want to know all the cool things we make here in Pa? Then stop by this blog to read about the neat things we produce right in PA. You'll see things like soda, beer, tools, candy, and clothing accessories. You won't find a source like this anywhere else on the web.

Culinary Journeys -This Bed and Breakfast knows how to stay on top of things. Not only do they stay up to date with all that is going on in Lancaster county by blogging. But they are definitely on top of the culinary scene. One of the Innkeepers is an award winning chef who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. The other innkeeper studied hotel management and cooking, plus operated an inn, in Bavaria.

Lancaster from the Inn Side - This blog will show you a look at Lancaster through the eyes of a Lancaster innkeeper. This husband and wife team sure stay busy. Bruce stays busy writing and is a full-time artist. Jan stays busy with her love of gardening. She has 50+ flowers surrounding the inn, and that doesn't include all the herbs she grows in the herb garden. She has 6 different kinds of basil (that is one of my favorites)! So make sure you have a refill on that joe (or tea) cause your not going to want to take your eyes of the screen once you start reading this fantastic Lancaster county blog.

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