The Demuth Museum - Home and Studio of American Modern Artist

The Demuth Museum is a nice place to visit if you like art. Charles Demuth was a famous artist from Lancaster. The museum is located in the home where he grew up in and lived as an adult. A lot of the paintings were inspired by his mothers garden outside of his studio window.

Most of his portraits are on loan to other museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you go to his home you are able to see the self-portrait he did of himself.

Charles was born in 1883 Charles was frail as a child and later suffered from severe diabetes. He was actually one of the first people in the United States to receive insulin.

The museum is fairly small and you do not have access to all the rooms. The museum offers different exhibits throughout the year. When we went, we got to see C. Emlen Urban's designs. He was a Lancaster architect. Actually, if you go over to the ledger that Charles Demuth kept you can see the entry with Urban's name in it. There is a walking tour of Lancaster that you can do, to see all the different buildings he designed. They also had a pamphlet there that takes you through a tour of Lancaster to see all of his designs.

You can go right next door and see the tobacco shop that the architect designed that was passed down through the Demuth family for 200 years. It is now owned by the Demuth Foundation. The address is 120 East King Street Lancaster, Pa 17602. The Phone is (717)299-9940

Hours of Operations are Tuesday - Saturday 10-4pm Sunday 1-4pm Monday - Closed

*They are closed in January

Admission is free but donations are suggested.

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