Wilbur Chocolate - Come Experience the Delight of Chocolate!

Wilbur Chocolate Factory

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Cushner

Wilbur Chocolate factory and museum store is like taking a step back in time. The factory was started in 1865 by Henry Oscar Wilbur and Samuel Croft. The museum is filled with all kinds of nostalgic tins, molds, and containers that once held chocolate. They have a video that you can watch and it shows the chocolate making process from the beginning of obtaining the beans to the actual chocolate making process and the end result of final product.

Their claim to fame is the Wilbur buds. Which actually came before the Hershey Kiss. They put out over 150 million pounds of chocolate each year. Senator Barack Obama actually visited this factory in March of 2008. He greeted the people outside the factory and then went in to taste some of these wonderful confections.

The museum and store are not very big, and you do not get to go upstairs to see the machines running. But you can hear the machines hard at work while your down in the museum/store. Also you can see some of the employees making chocolate lollipops and hand dipping items. Make sure you take a sweater, they keep it very cool in there.

The address is 48 N. Broad Street, Lititz, Pa 17543.

The Phone is (717) 626-3249.

Web address: http://www.wilburchocolate.com/

They are open Monday - Saturday 10AM to 5PM, closed Sundays Call for Special Holiday Hours

So hop on over to Lititz and let the kid in you come alive!

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